Friday, July 10, 2015

"July 4th 2015"

                                           'peach bottom' road view
                                           cool mountain air refreshes
                                           fourth of july fun

                                           water color on sketchbook page
                                           10" X 7"

O my!  What a delightful time we had on the 4th!  My family gathered at my nieces farm in "Laurel Springs" and had such fun.  She and her husband made good ole North Carolina bar-b-que and the rest of our clan brought all kinds of wonderful sides like fresh tomato sandwiches, green beans, squash, cucumber salad, potato salad, watermelon and an array of scrumptious delectable desserts.  The mountain air was so much cooler (mid 70's and low humidity) than down in the Piedmont plateau where we've experienced many days of 90's with high humidity.  We had such fun watching the kids swimming in the pond, jumping from paddle boats, and simply playing with gleeful abandon all day.  I personally enjoyed sitting under a large "shade tree"  while playing with my watercolors.  At dusk, Jason built a fire in their fire pit that was enjoyed by all as the temps continued to drop and displays of fireworks across the ranges (Jason's were the best!) were exchanged by several mountain inhabitants. I'll never forget this day.